Ries publishing house

Ries publishing house

A small, private and personal publishing house established 2004 - at the address where, more than 20 years earlier, another small, private and personal publishing house by the name of Rosinante first started. Many tumultuous years later it seemed that a new beginning was in order - under my own name.

We are now located partly in Copenhagen's new city, Ørestad. 8tallet is a quite stunning building. See for yourself: 8tallet

Partly in Møn: a small island in the Baltic Sea south of Sjælland where I have this view from my desk.

Whether in Copenhagen or Møn publishing goes on in a modest way. The mobile no: +45 2424 1263 and the email address will find me at both addresses.

I hope to continue professional relations with friends from many years in the business of books. Perhaps small can still be beautiful?

Translation rights in Ries' original Danish titles are handled by Monica Gram at Leonhardt & Høier Literary Agency. Please contact the agency at their stand at the Frankfurt book fair, or by email: monica@leonhardt-hoier.dk

I would be happy to send - and receive catalogues and news about books. The email address is: mr@riesforlag.dk


Merete Ries


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